Sir Tom Jones still works with a personal trainer in his 80s

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Sir Tom Jones wouldn't be as fit as he is without regular exercise credit:Bang Showbiz
Sir Tom Jones wouldn't be as fit as he is without regular exercise credit:Bang Showbiz

Sir Tom Jones says regular exercise is the secret to his good health.

The 'Sex Bomb' hitmaker explained how working out with a personal trainer has ensured everything is "ticking away nicely", while his voice has never been better.

Speaking to new! magazine, he said: "I'm lucky I'm in good health.

"But you need exercise as well.

"I see a personal trainer and keep fit.

"My voice is still in great shape.

"Everything is ticking away nicely."

The 82-year-old music legend turned 80 amid the pandemic in June 2020, and he admitted it didn't bother him that he couldn't have a proper party because every day of his life is a "celebration".

He said: "I just celebrate life!"

The 'It's Not Unusual' hitmaker - who released his 41st studio album 'Surrounded by Time' last year - explained that making new music now is just as thrilling to him as it was in his heyday.

'The Voice UK' coach went on: "I'm a year older, still here and enjoying it.

"I'm in the business at 82 and having as much fun as when I started.

"I'm making new records and doing new things."

Tom previously shared how he thinks inversion therapy is the key to his good health.

The silver fox uses a frame to hang upside down like a bat, thereby helping to prevent back problems and improve his blood circulation.

The 'Upside Down' hitmaker spilled last year: "In 2030 I am going to be 90 years old.

"I hang upside down. You know on one of those frames.

"It’s great. You put your feet in the thing and you flip and you hang."

Inversion therapy can help to tackle various back problems, such as sciatica and scoliosis.

The chart-topping idol has also cut down on alcohol in order to improve his overall health.

He said: "Just wine with dinner - a pint of beer once in a while. I try to watch my diet too.

"I’ve got a 12-pack. But health is very important and that’s a lot of luck. You’ve got to take care of yourself."

Tom has always been adamant he has no plans to ever retire from the music business.

The 'What's New Pussycat?' singer - who released his debut album in 1965 - still loves what he does and couldn't imagine quitting.

He explained: "I like ­birthdays. People say, 'What is it like growing old?' but I say, 'What is the alternative?' I don't mind growing old as the memories are tremendous.

"I don't want to stop as God has been good to me and my voice is still there. I want to do it as long as there is a breath in my body."