It's a Sin creator Russell T Davies reveals there are three missing episodes

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Photo credit: Courtesy

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It's a Sin creator Russell T Davies has revealed that there are three missing episodes of the hit series, which was actually intended to run for eight episodes, with the final three episodes showing a time jump decades into the future.

Speaking at Damian Barr's Literary Salon Davies said that the hit show, which ran for five episodes was actually meant to be longer.

'It could’ve been eight episodes long, and there would’ve been an extra flatmate, and he would've had adventures,' he told AIDS activist Ruth Corker Burks. 'But I was offered four episodes, and that's fine. Everything that I would've done kind of compacted inwards.

'I did sit there thinking, "Should I lose a flatmate, should I lose Roscoe, should I lose Colin?" But I just couldn't, which is why it's quite a dense piece of work, which I think actually has acted in its favour.'

Photo credit: Joe Maher - Getty Images
Photo credit: Joe Maher - Getty Images

Although the series was only commissioned for four episodes Davies was eventually successful in pushing for a fifth episode to tie everything together. But, he says, there was always supposed to be a sixth episode following Jill later in life.

'There was always meant to be a final episode,' he said. 'It was never written, so it doesn’t exist, but it was kind of budgeted for.

'We’d catch up with Jill at the age of 55 and she’s still working in mental and sexual health. It’s too long a story to describe, but you get the feeling that she’s trapped in that world, actually.'

Davies imagined the episode will Jill still working in musical theatre; 'Going on cruise ships and to conference centres and singing songs on the West End with all her mates. And while she’s been away on one of her sexual health lectures, a booking was accidentally made for the Isle of Wight, which she’s never been back to since [Ritchie's death].

'She decides to go, she goes back to the Isle of Wight to meet that family. That’s why there was a sister there, in Ritchie’s household.'

Davies revealed that as part of the story Jill would have visited Ritchie's mum now in a care home and the episode would have 'explored the sexual abuse at the heart of the Tozer household and how Valerie ended up like she did.'

It's a Sin is available to watch now on Channel 4.

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