The simple mistake we all make when washing our hair, according to a hairdresser

Anya Meyerowitz
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Photo credit: Eva Blanco
Photo credit: Eva Blanco

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Remember when we found out we were all making pasta wrong? Well, finding out we've been washing our hair wrong is worse somehow. Perhaps it's because it means that we have wasted hundreds (if not thousands) of hours or perhaps it's the realisation that our hair's full potential might not yet have been fully realised, but either way, we're keen to rectify our mistake.

Though washing our hair seems like a simple, straight-forward task, one hairdresser took to Twitter recently to reveal that most of us are actually making one big mistake.

Felicity Nicole, who goes by @Felicityynicole on Twitter, shared how you should really be using shampoo and the post has already racked up more than 2,600 likes as people replied to say they took her advice and are already noticing the difference.

'So it has come to my attention that not everyone knows this... So here is my hairdresser tip for the day... Y’all need to be shampooing your hair 2 TIMES [sic] when you shower...,' the hairdresser tweeted, going on to explain: 'The first time will cleanse the hair of all the oils and product build up so that when you do it for the second time the shampoo can actually do what it’s intended to do.'

'Also, only apply shampoo to the scalp and when you rinse it will run through the middle and the ends. Then only apply conditioner to the middle and ends of your hair, and use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle in the shower while conditioner is on.

'And lastly remember to only wash your hair 2-3 times a week because too much washing can cause more build up and damage to the hair.'

And the countless replies to her tweet seem to prove that the hairdresser is correct.

'So I saw this yesterday and decided to try your 2x shampoo advice when I washed my hair tonight... Omg THANK YOU!' wrote one flabbergasted fan, while another added: 'My hair honestly feels better now! I can’t believe what a difference that made.'

Well, we know what we'll be trying in the shower this evening. Prepare for the softest, shiniest hair of your life...

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