Simone Biles Shares Comical Take on a Day After Drinking Mimosa Recipe

Simone Biles.<p>Naomi Baker/Getty Images</p>
Simone Biles.

Naomi Baker/Getty Images

Aside from the handful of Olympic gold medals and the countless other accolades that she has racked up over the years, Simone Biles is just like the rest of us. Her Thanksgiving weekend included some well-deserved girls time, which, of course, resulted in a night out with a few cocktails. And (like us), after a night of drinking, the last thing she wanted to do was repeat the process.

The professional gymnast took to her TikTok page to share her hilarious take on a post-night out mimosa recipe. Rather than the typical ingredients (champagne or prosecco with a touch of orange juice), Biles poured a glass full of juice and then took the pitcher of Prosecco and simply (and jokingly) wafted the fumes from the bottle into her glass, laughing alongside her friends as she did so.

“PRO TIP: how to make a mimosa after a girls night out ……… 🥴👀 #sendhelp #mimosa,” she joked in the caption of the comical clip. Her followers joined in on the fun, replying to her antics in the comment section of her TikTok.

“You are so real for that 🥰,” one follower said of the expert tip.

“How to make a mimosa after Friendsgiving 😂,” another added knowingly.

“Got it backwards 😅,” one fan jokingly critiqued her method.

Regardless of the “right” way to handle the day after a night out, Biles certainly elicited some laughs with her funny post-drinking antics. And we would expect nothing less of the fun gymnast.

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