Simon Le Bon lives in the moment

Simon Le Bon lives in the moment credit:Bang Showbiz
Simon Le Bon lives in the moment credit:Bang Showbiz

Simon Le Bon says living in the moment is "most important".

The Duran Duran frontman - whose band released their 15th studio album, 'Future Past', in October - has revealed it "dawned on him" in the 90s that the band should enjoy the now and not concern themselves with what they should do next or stuff that has happened in the past.

Speaking to John Bishop and Tony Pitts on the 'Three Little Words' podcast on Amazon, the 'Girls on Film' hitmaker said: "If you're not in the present, you really miss out on your life, completely and utterly. It sort of dawned on me over a period of time, really, I think in the nineties. John and I, we talk about these things, John Taylor, bass player of Duran Duran. We realised that we shouldn't be thinking about what we're gonna do next, that thing that's down the road. Think about what you're doing now! Because that is most important, it's the only thing you're actually living with, you can only live in the present. You can't live the past, you can't live the future."

The 63-year-old singer - who is also joined by Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes in the new wave group - also spoke about how he plans the setlist for their shows and insisted giving the audience the songs they love back is their number one priority.

He explained: "We try and give the show a dynamic. So, we start off with a banger, and then two or three bangers in a row is a great way to start the show. And then we go and try some new music out, and after you've done that then maybe do something a bit esoteric and maybe take it down, take the tempo down, take the energy down and have like a dark, more introspective part of the show. And then, after that, I prefer to come back suddenly with something that's really high energy and maintain that until the end of the show. And you go out and give those songs to the people in the audience. It's about giving the songs that people love back to them."

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