Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman 'will have a low-key wedding'

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Simon Cowell is preparing to walk down the aisle credit:Bang Showbiz
Simon Cowell is preparing to walk down the aisle credit:Bang Showbiz

Simon Cowell is likely to have a "low-key" wedding.

The 62-year-old music mogul is set to marry his long-time partner Lauren Silverman - but Emma Cowell, Simon's sister-in-law, thinks the ceremony will actually be a low-key event.

She told The Sun newspaper: "Will he be a groomzilla? It’s hard to say. Simon has very clear likes and dislikes.

"He is used to calling the shots on TV and behind the scenes so I’m sure he applies that to all areas of his life, including his wedding.

"But Lauren will have equally strong ideas as it’s her big day too. It’s also important for Eric and Simon’s stepson Adam. I’m sure he’s got lots of ideas, plans, and maybe a few surprises for Lauren, but I imagine it will be a low-key, really special day for them.

"None of us thought this day would come! Simon was a bachelor who never wanted to get married, engaged or be a dad, but look at him now."

Emma admits that Simon - who has Eric, eight, with Lauren - is "incredibly kind" and "generous", in spite of his on-screen persona.

She also recalled details of her first-ever encounter with the TV star, when they argued about her baking skills.

Emma said: "When I first met him, I made brownies and he criticised them.

"He suggested they needed buttercream - but they didn’t because that would make them a cake in my opinion. I’m not sure if anyone won that argument.

"Simon was wrongly seen as Mr Nasty or Mr Mean for a long time but he’s had a lot of things happen in his personal life and has always been honest and told the truth."

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