Simon Calder coronavirus AMA: The Independent’s travel correspondent answers your questions

Simon Calder
A passenger wearing protective gear, as a precautionary measure against coronavirus, walks in the arrivals area after landing at the Hong Kong International Airport: AFP/Getty

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered changes across the world that we couldn't have imagined even a week ago.

More countries around the world have introduced travel bans in recent weeks and closed their borders, while tens of thousands of flights have already been cancelled.

With so much change happening in a short space of time, we're seeing holidaymakers being left to fend for themselves as they join the scramble to get home, paying hundreds more just for a ticket on a last-minute flight.

And those with travels booked for Easter, the summer and beyond are now unsure what to do next.

To that end, The Independent's travel correspondent Simon Calder has answered some of your Covid-19 concerns.