'A Simba Hybrid Essential mattress topper changed how I sleep'

simba hybrid mattress topper review 2023
'A Simba mattress topper changed how I sleep'Hearst Owned

Just as some people are born with the ability to sing, play tennis or do sums as fast as a calculator, I was born able to sleep anywhere, and for huge periods of time.

It is, I believe, my key skill, something I can do very well without really trying. A daily activity which brings me nothing but pure joy.

In fact, I’m so passionate about sleeping that I plan to have “DON’T WAKE ME UP” chiselled on to my tombstone.

So, when Simba offered me the chance to try one of their mattress toppers I was dubious. How could anything improve something which I already believed was close to perfect?

I have always described my dream bed as being akin to a cloud with a duvet. When looking to buy a mattress, I want to feel totally smothered in softness as I drift off to sleep, and have a similarly easy wake-up. No one wants to feel like they’ve been coughed up and spat out in to the world with the first shrill tone of their alarm.

However, the mornings where I woke up groggy, cursing random cricked joints, aches and bad stiffness, were increasing and I was starting to accept that maybe my obsession with OTT comfort wasn’t doing my 39-year-old body any favours. It was time for a change - and thankfully it came neatly packaged and delivered to my door in a large (and heavy) cardboard box.

Simba’s new Hybrid Essential mattress topper is an affordable way to bring some of the British’ firm’s award winning materials and technology in to your bedroom. It is made with Simbatex® foam infused with graphite which circulates thirty times more air than traditional memory foam, and has up to 1,500 patented Aerocoil® springs for full body support. It is designed to keep you at a steady temperature as you sleep, no more waking up in the night as you're too hot, which can be a common complaint about memory foam.

Prices start from £229 (£20 less than the Hybrid Topper, which has 2,500 Aerocoil® springs), and the pad works with any brand of mattress, not just Simba ones.

Some people complain that foam mattresses and toppers release an acrid, rubbery smell when they are first released from their plastic packaging, but I didn’t notice this when I carefully used a knife to slice open the plastic wrap.

I made sure to open it when it was in situ on top of my mattress, and it immediately began to expand as soon as it was freed from its thick plastic sheath. To start with I thought it looked a bit thin, but after leaving it for a few hours it had puffed up nicely and was ready to be attached to my mattress with its attached elastic straps.

Topper plumped and secured it was time to see what all the fuss was about - and I freaked out.

When I first laid on top of it, I admit I was worried. It was so hard. The topper has as medium-firm thickness, but I felt like I was lying on a pavement. Would I even be able to get to sleep when I felt so ramrod straight? There was no way that I could roll it up and put it back in the box, I had to sleep on it.

That night, head on one of Simba's Hybrid Pillows (which use a similar cooling technology to the mattress topper), I didn't even have a chance to wonder if I would sleep OK before I nodded off. I woke up the next morning feeling alert and ache-free, and thankfully, this is a pattern that has continued.

At time of writing I have been using the Simba mattress topper for close to three months. In fact, according to WhatsApp, on December 1, 2022 I messaged two mates at 9:30am declaring: ‘Last night I slept on a simba mattress topper and it was the best sleep I have had for ages. I actually woke up feeling like I had slept. Honestly insane how well I slept. To start with I thought it was too hard for me but I was wrong.’

I wish I could pretend this was an unusually mundane message to receive from me, but that would be a lie… you can probably imagine how my pals’ chats blew up the first time I used an air fryer.

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