Hate cling film? You need these viral silicone lids in your life

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Hate clingfilm? You need these viral silicon lids. (Getty Images)
We've discovered a kitchen addition that will make mealtime so much easier. (Getty Images)

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If you haven’t spent at least 20% of your time in lockdown on TikTok, then you’re doing lockdown wrong.

The video app has been responsible for some of our favourite activities and top buys over the past few months, and it never lets us down in terms of good recommendations.

Like these £8.99 Silicone Stretch Lids, which went viral on the app after users began showing their followers just how handy and sustainable they were when storing food for later.

TikTok watchers have been flooding videos of the product with comments like “need these” and “these have changed my life”.

So, why all the fuss? We found out.

Why we love them:

We always seem to have hundreds of miscellaneous jars and containers that don't have lids, from yoghurt pots to honey jars (where do they go?!) and these reusable silicone lids mean we don’t need to use up clingfilm or watch our food go off.

Instead, they easily stretch over the top of bowls, glassware, jars and all sorts of foods like avocados to keep them fresh.

Environmentally friendly, money saving and easy-to-use? What’s not to love.

They’re brilliant for storing leftovers without having to empty them into another container and make more washing up for yourself.

Plus, if you find little fingers tend to spill and drip as they reach for things in the fridge or on the side, then you’ll be pleased to hear that this lids put a stop to that - even for liquids like juice or sauces.

How they work:

Simply find the lid that fits the container you want to cover, hold the lid down on one side and stretch across to the other.

Use the tabs to make sure the lid is on securely, and that’s it - it’s as simple as that.

What the reviews say:

With over 12,000 glowing reviews, you’ll wonder why you didn’t own them sooner.

  • “I'm trying to reduce my plastic usage so these seemed to be a godsend. They are durable, versatile and have completely replaced cling film in my kitchen. They can go in the dishwasher but are also very easy to hand wash.”

  • “These silicon lids stretch a lot. They can be used on all sorts of shapes, not just round items. Very useful and don't have to use cling film so much.”

  • “They are absolutely brilliant. The lid on a tin of paint didn't fit snugly any more so I used one of the lids and it fitted perfectly. No using cling wrap anymore.”

  • “What a great reusable solution for my fridge. There are quite a lot in the pack, various sizes. Much better than using cling film all the time. These lids are reusable, which means less waste!”

  • “Good value and good for the environment. Hopefully will be able to stop using cling film entirely. I liked that the pack included two different colours of each size which means I can use one colour purely for meat products.”

Buy them: 12-Pack DigHealth Silicone Stretch Lids | £8.99 from Amazon

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