Silent Witness series 27: When will the new season be released?

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Silent Witness has been on our screens for almost 30 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

The BBC confirmed the show's future just over a month ago, announcing that the long-running medical drama is set to return for a 27th season. But when exactly will the new episodes arrive on BBC One? Here's all we know…

When will Silent Witness series 27 be released?

While the BBC has yet to announce a release date for series 27, fans will be pleased to know that production is currently underway, having kicked off just a day after the season 26 finale aired on BBC One.

David Caves and Emilia Fox
David Caves and Emilia Fox

If the release dates of previous seasons are anything to go by, we expect the new episodes to premiere sometime in January 2024.

Silent Witness series 27 cast: Who will return to the show?

Emilia Fox and David Caves are almost certainly returning as Dr Nikki Alexander and Jack Hodgson, and we expect Alastair Michael will also reprise his role as Velvy Schur.

Alastair Michael, David Caves, Emilia Fox and Aki Omoshaybi
Alastair Michael, David Caves, Emilia Fox and Aki Omoshaybi

Other cast members who appeared in series 26 include Aki Omoshaybi as Gabriel Folukoya and Rhiannon May as Cara Connelly.

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Nikki and Jack finally made their relationship official in series 26 – a storyline that fans have been deeply invested in over the past few seasons.

Speaking to HELLO! about her on-screen romance with co-star David, Emilia previously said: "The audience has waited for ten years, and they are an incredibly loyal, generous, kind and loving audience, who have invested in the Jack and Nikki relationship. I think everyone agreed what we didn't want to happen was to put them together and then immediately bust them up."

She continued: "There's a reason why suddenly this has happened and it would be a shame to lose all the great moments that they have just to create a dramatic effect. So really, what you're seeing is their friendship which has turned into a relationship and hopefully seeing a side of them which can work, [where they can] work together and love each other and then who knows what's going to happen in the future. I'm all for Jack and Nikki."

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