These are the signs that millennials think you're old

Paying with cash will make millennials think you're old, finds new research. (Getty Images)
Paying with cash will make millennials think you're old, according to research. (Getty Images)

Millennials are not exactly very young these days – ranging in age from 25 to 40 years old.

However, it doesn't seem to stop them having many thoughts about what makes people seem old.

A survey has revealed that they think talking on the phone, receiving bills in the post and wearing skinny jeans are among the qualities that can make someone seem relatively ancient.

The research, by energy retailer Love Energy Savings, has found that the two top most ageing actions, for the age group, are using cash to pay for things as well as tucking a handkerchief up your sleeve.

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Other activities they shun include watching an actual TV set, still being on Facebook, not having pronouns in your Instagram bio and consuming dairy.

Interestingly, too, millennials think that dating in real life is also not in-line with the times, as is writing lists with a pen and paper.

Phil Foster, CEO of Love Energy Savings, said: "How quickly we embrace new technology is one of the defining elements of the growing generation gap in the UK.

"Our research shows how today’s millennials are left scratching their heads by behaviour that was once entirely par for the course – like watching conventional, broadcast TV and actually using your mobile phone to talk to people, rather than for messaging."

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Below are the top 20 things that millennials think make you old - what do you think?

1. Using cash – 28%

1. Putting a hankie up your sleeve – 28%

3. Getting bills through the post – 25%

4. Having posh cutlery for special occasions – 24%

5. Writing lists with pen and paper – 23%

5. Smoking – 23%

7. Describing a tune as ‘banging’ – 22%

7. Ringing for a taxi instead of using an app – 22%

9. Voting Leave – 20%

9. Watching actual TV – 20%

11. Still being on Facebook – 18%

11. Reading books – 18%

13. Going to church – 15%

13. Talking on the phone – 15%

15. Wearing skinny jeans – 14%

16. Using a camera – 13%

17. Dating in real life – 12%

18. Not having pronouns in your Instagram bio – 11%

19. Using a Satnav – 10%

20. Eating Dairy – 9%

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