How to sign a Book of Condolence for Her Majesty, the Queen

Photo credit: KIRSTY O'CONNOR - Getty Images
Photo credit: KIRSTY O'CONNOR - Getty Images

On 8 September 2022, Buckingham Palace announced that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, had sadly passed away. Releasing an official statement, the Palace shared: "The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon."

The nation is now in a period of mourning, with many people feeling profoundly affected by the loss of their beloved monarch. Some may wish to make tributes to Her Majesty, and share their memories of her monumental reign.

If you would like to mark your respects to the Queen, you may wish to leave a tribute in a Book of Condolence. These are the details of where you can sign a Book of Condolence, in person and online.

The Official Book of Condolence

The Royal UK website, which is the official website for The Royal Family, states: "There are no physical Books of Condolence at the Royal Residences."

However, there is a virtual Book of Condolence on the Royal website, which is available for anyone to sign. You'll need to fill out details including your name, email address and location, and then whatever message you wish to leave. The Royal UK website states: "A selection of messages will be passed onto members of the Royal Family, and may be held in the Royal Archives for posterity."

Sign the Royal Book of Condolence HERE

Photo credit: Fox Photos - Getty Images
Photo credit: Fox Photos - Getty Images

Other Books of Condolence

Across the UK, venues including churches, theatres and libraries are beginning to set up Books of Condolence for local residents to sign, both virtually and in person.

Local Council

Many councils will set up their own Book of Condolences for Her Majesty. In a statement, Councillor James Jamieson, chairman of the Local Government Association, said: “Councils have been proud to serve Her Majesty throughout her reign and will continue to do so by now putting into place local arrangements to support the public in expressing their own sympathies.

“These arrangements will include the opening of both public and virtual books of condolence, ensuring flags are flown at half mast, and overseeing arrangements for the laying of flowers in public areas.”

Consult your local council website for details of locations in your area.


On the Church of England website, it was announced on 9 September: "Parish churches, cathedrals and chapels across the country have been open for prayer and reflection following the announcement by Buckingham Palace yesterday." The Church of England has also created an online Book of Condolence, along with a prayer for Her Majesty.

Sign the Church of England's Book of Condolence HERE

Other religious leaders have released special prayers and messages for those wishing to pray for Her Majesty, with the Chief Rabbi composing a Jewish prayer and the Muslim Council of Britain releasing a tribute statement.


It will also be possible to sign a Book of Condolence at many theatres across the UK. An official statement on the Society of London Theatre (SOLT) website, on behalf of SOLT and UK Theatre, reads: "Many theatres across the country will be dimming their lights tonight and observing a two minute’s silence, playing the national anthem, and opening books of condolences prior to the performance as a mark of their respect."

Photo credit: STEVE PARSONS - Getty Images
Photo credit: STEVE PARSONS - Getty Images

Other ways to leave a tribute

Many people wish to leave flowers and messages at Royal residences - and it is possible to do so. In addition, Her Majesty's funeral will be broadcast on BBC for people to watch the service and pay their respects.

For leaving flowers, on the Royal UK website, the following guidance is given:

  • At Buckingham Palace members of the public will be guided to lay floral tributes at dedicated sites in The Green Park or Hyde Park. Flowers left outside the gates of Buckingham Palace will be moved to The Green Park Floral Tribute Garden by The Royal Parks. Further guidance will be issued by The Royal Parks.

  • At Windsor Castle, floral tributes can be left at Cambridge Gate on the Long Walk. These flowers will be brought inside the Castle every evening, and placed on the Castle Chapter grass on the south side of St George’s Chapel and Cambridge Drive.

  • At the Sandringham Estate, members of the public are encouraged to leave floral tributes at the Norwich Gates.

  • At Balmoral Castle, floral tributes can be left at the Main Gate.

  • At the Palace of Holyroodhouse, members of the public are encouraged to lay floral tributes in the Physic Garden, next to the Abbey Strand gate.

  • At Hillsborough Castle, floral tributes may be laid on the Castle Forecourt, in front of the main gates.

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