Sienna Miller feels 'more settled' the older she gets

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Sienna Miller credit:Bang Showbiz
Sienna Miller credit:Bang Showbiz

Sienna Miller feels "more settled" the older she gets.

The 'American Sniper' star turns the big 40 in December, but she insists she has no qualms with ageing and is "looking forward to some wisdom".

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine, she said: "I keep waiting for this big existential crisis, but I don’t feel any anxiety about it.

"I feel quite proud of it in a way – like the older I get, the more settled I become. I’m looking forward to some wisdom.

"I’ve led such an interesting life.

"If I look back on the past 20 years, I’ve had experiences I couldn’t have imagined – good, bad, ugly, beautiful. I feel like I’ve lived a million lives, and with that comes a sense of peace and acceptance. I just feel like I’m in a really good place. That sense of calm and tranquillity is something that I am grateful for, and I think that’s something that comes with age, and it’s something to be celebrated about getting older, for sure."

Elsewhere, the actress - who has a nine-year-old daughter, Marlowe, with actor ex Tom Sturridge - admitted she toned down her "wacky" dress sense when she became uncomfortable being "noticed".

The New York-born star, who was known for her boho-chic style and keeps much of her private life out of the spotlight, explained: "When I was younger, the way that I dressed was such a form of self-expression. An outfit could have a huge effect on my day. I still believe that; I just don’t have the time or mental space to think about things in the way that I did.

"I don’t think I’m as comfortable being noticed as I might have been before I became well known, and therefore was much more wacky in the way that I dressed. I’m more minimal and I’ve got a uniform that’s quite neutral. But then occasionally, I’ll go away for a weekend with a bunch of mad English people and we’ll dress up, and I’ll know that that person is still lurking in there, because she’ll come out after dark."

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