5 shows on Netflix and Hotstar that will make you smarter

It’s been a long quarantine and it doesn’t seem to be getting over. But there’s a lot to watch on your favourite OTT that’ll also make you smarter.

1. Patriot Act

The satirical show featuring Hasan Minhaj takes up everyone from Modi to Trump, China to Saudi Arabia and explains it in bite-size nuggets. And tongue firmly in cheek

2. Last Week Tonight

Just think of this as Patriot Act but with a white guy hosting it. Funny and informative, Last Week Tonight doesn’t pull punches and takes no captives.

3. Explained

The brilliant show produced by Netflix and Vox takes macro concepts and explains them in a manner that even a 10-year-old would understand.

4. The Crown

The award-winning drama around the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II is the history lesson you’ve always wanted in school.

5. Our Planet

In this ambitious Netflix documentary of spectacular scope, David Attenborough narrates how climate change impacts all living creatures.