Show Them What They're Missing With These 20 Breakup Instagram Bio Ideas

New to the single life? Welcome, have a seat (it's pretty fun once you're used to it). Getting over a breakup is hard, and sometimes, it feels good to show your ex what they're missing through social media. No need to make it blatantly obvious, though - just a slight nudge on your Instagram bio will do. You know, something that says, "Hey, I'm doing well," without actually saying it. Thankfully, we've come up with 20 Instagram bio ideas that are sure to grab your ex's attention (without it being obvious). From empowering quotes to funny one-liners, these bios will show that you're in a good place even if you're not 100 percent there yet (you will be eventually, we promise!). Keep reading to see the best Instagram bio ideas ahead.

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