Should we even care about LeSean McCoy joining Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff
·1-min read

Normally, when you tie a player to a Tom Brady-led offense, you tend to get excited for fantasy purposes. So, you would think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ signing of LeSean McCoy to a backfield devoid of a true workhorse would be good news, right?

Not quite.

Liz Loza, Matt Harmon, and Charles Robinson discuss the signing in the video above.

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Charles explains the frustration surrounding incumbent starter Ronald Jones since he began his career in Tampa Bay — a couple of flashes, but a lack of consistency and seemingly, preparation.

That’s key when Tom Brady is your quarterback. As Charles explains, Brady will not stand for players who aren’t ready or who can’t do what he needs them to do, when he needs them to do it.

This might explain the signing of LeSean McCoy, a savvy veteran who, even though he was inactive in last season’s Super Bowl, is pretty much guaranteed to know where he has to be and what he has to do with Brady under center.

So what does this mean for fantasy?

Well, Matt keeps it simple. McCoy’s presence is more of a “stay away from everyone else in this backfield” situation than a “target this guy specifically” one.

Well, at least we have the receivers!