Are shops open on Easter Sunday? Opening times for Tesco, Sainsbury’s and more

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Tesco Express stores are open on Easter Sunday (Getty Images)
Tesco Express stores are open on Easter Sunday (Getty Images)

Every April, Britons enjoy two bank holidays as Easter celebrations get under way.

The four-day weekend starts with Good Friday and ends with Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

While many will be well prepared for the long weekend – equipped with endless Easter chocolate and food and drink to share with family and friends – it’s handy to be aware of changes to store opening times should you need to embark on a last-minute supermarket run.

Here’s everything you need to know about which stores are open today.

Are supermarkets open on Easter Sunday?

Under government rules, shops larger than 280 square metres must remain closed on Easter Sunday.

This means that all major supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons will be closed today.

The guidelines exclude stores at airports and train stations, pharmacies, service stations and farms selling their own produce.

Additionally, those stores which are smaller than 280 square metres are allowed to open.

So, if you find you have forgotten a staple ingredient or you’re in need of essentials, you likely have a few options.

Which shops are open today?


While main Tesco stores are closed, Tesco Express stores are trading.

Most are open until late evening, with some open as late as 10 PM and 11 PM.

You can check if a store near you is open through the retailer’s website here.


Sainsbury’s supermarkets are also closed, but Sainsbury’s Local stores are open.

Those in London opened as early as 7 AM and will remain open until 11 PM.

You can check local opening times here.


Small Morrisons stores, called Morrisons Daily, are open on Easter Sunday.

Some stores are operating 24 hours as usual, while others are closing early.

We recommend checking your local store opening hours here.


Asda does not have any stores open on Easter Sunday.

Co-op Food

Plenty of Co-op Food stores meet the size threshold for Easter Sunday and will be open today.

Opening times vary, with some adopting bank holiday hours and closing at 4 PM while others are open til late.

Check your nearest store opening hours here.


All Waitrose stores are closed on Easter Sunday.


All Aldi stores are closed on Easter Sunday.


All Lidl stores will be closed in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on Easter Sunday, but will be open in Scotland.

Most stores are open from early morning until late evening, but it’s worth checking your local opening times here.

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