Shop Olivia Palermo's Parisian Style With Lifestyle Mirror: EXCLUSIVE

Remember last week when we brought you those super-stylish shots of Olivia Palermo and boyfriend Johannes Huebl modeling their way round the streets of Paris during Fashion Week? Remember how we sighed and wished we could have ourselves a little bit of that fabulousness? Well, hold onto your hats ladies because now you can!

We promised we'd keep you posted on the juicy details, and we're as good as our word. Grazia Daily can exclusively reveal that the photoshoot was for, a new shopping website that shows style icons in their natural habitats. Previous shoots have included the likes of fashion's Grand Dame Daphne Guinness and designer ingenue Margherita Missoni, and now it's the turn of our beloved Olivia. Have a scroll through the gallery above to see her lounging in Paris’s Le Meurice hotel alongside her hot beau, but we warned: if you were jealous before just WAIT till you see these *mega sigh*

Dribbling over all the gorgeous goodies? Well, here comes the best bit! The items on the site are clickable - wherever you spot a red cross icon, you can buy that garment straight away. Genius, right? So the very clothes Olivia is sporting - and even some of the furniture - are available for you to get your mitts on (courtesy of super-cool site Fancy yourself a pair of the exact leopard-print Dolce & Gabbana heels Miss P has on - and who wouldn't? - then just click away! Need a stylish sofa to collapse on after swanning round town in said shoes? Click again!

For budding stylistas, notepads at the ready because in a behind-the-shoot video, Olivia also dispenses some fash tips. 'The tailoring is the most important thing, you can find a great piece but you have to have a wonderful tailor at the end of the day,' she said. And she reveals what she looks for in a garment: 'movement and...easiness - that makes you more comfortable for sure'. She also spills the secrets of her Fashion Week wardrobe (the eagle-eyed amongst you will spot the dress she wore to the Dior show earlier in the week) and talks about her love of mixing designer and high street (she loves Topshop as much as we do). There's also a rather lovely vid of her dancing with the gorgeous Johannes in the Jardin des Tuileries (we've tried clicking on him - it doesn't work).

So what are you waiting for? Whether you rock a head-to-toe look or just snaffle a piece or two, we reckon a bit of Miss Palermo's savvy will have your wardrobe all sorted for Autumn Winter and beyond! So scroll through the gallery, make your shopping list and then head over to Lifestyle Mirror. Happy shopping!

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