The most shocking part of Marilyn Manson's new video? A surprise rare cameo from Lisa Marie Presley

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
Yahoo Music
Lisa Marie Presley in Marilyn Manson’s new video “Tattooed in Reverse.” (Photo: MarilynMansonVEVO)

The new video from shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, “Tattooed in Reverse,” dropped Friday — and, it’s predictably a piece of NSFW work, involving a creepy hospital theme that will keep even the most stoic up at night.

The video has been grabbing headlines for days regarding its Courtney Love cameo, but Elvis fans are tittering about another, very unexpected, appearance that was kept under wraps until the video was released — namely that of Lisa Marie Presley.

Yes, that’s Elvis’s daughter in the video, playing what appears to be the role of a psychotic doctor.  She’s holding Manson down on an operating table, sporting bared teeth and fright-wig messy hair. You can watch the whole video here, but be forewarned it is filled with disturbing imagery (there is even a warning preceding the clip itself).

It’s definitely a unusual and dramatic look for the 50-year-old heiress, who has been largely out of the spotlight these days except for news regarding her financial woes and messy divorce from fourth husband Michael Lockwood. It’s safe to say she looks even more wild than the infamously unpredictable Love, who plays a creepy but icily controlled nurse in the video.

However, Presley has long been a fan of Manson’s, and has even cited him as far back as 2003 as an artistic influence.

Elvis fans, who are notoriously meticulous about following all things Presley, took to social media immediately to comment on this latest undertaking — with most comments surprisingly on the positive side.

Presley has not released any of her own music since her 2012 album Storm & Grace, and has not appeared in any music videos since 2006, when she took part in one by Johnny Cash. She inherited a $100 million trust after her father’s 1977 death, but in 2005, after a few bad business moves, decided to sell 85 percent of the stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises. The mismanagement of her inheritance is currently under examination in multiple law suits. 

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