Shocking footage shows elephants charge at hunters after one of them is shot ‘between the eyes’

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer


This is the shocking moment angry elephants charged at a pair of hunters who shot a member of their herd.

The distressing footage, that was filmed three years ago but has recently resurfaced, shows the hunters shouting as they run for their lives.

Hunters shot at the herd of elephants in Namibia’s Zambezi region (CEN)

Two men are seen aiming at elephants in the Nakabolelwa Conservancy, in North-eastern Namibia’s Zambezi region from some distance away.

One of them hunters can be heard saying callously: ‘Hit between the eyes.’

Both men then shoot at a large elephant identified as a male bull elephant.

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The wounded animal then runs some distance from the herd before eventually collapsing, prompting the rest of the herd to start bellowing and charging at the hunters.

Namibia-based big-game hunter Corne Kruger said he was surprised that the footage had now gone viral.

He said that he employed 12 people to organise hunting safaris which put valuable funds into the local communities as well as controlled big-game numbers.

Angry elephants charged at the men after one of their herd was shot between the eyes (CEN)

Kruger said that the video showed the perfectly legal and licensed shooting of an elephant.

He said that he hunted no more than ‘two elephants a year’ in line with the quota that was made available to hunters.

If the hunter is a foreign national, they need to be accompanied by a licensed local professional hunter.