Sherri Shepherd's breast reduction was 'bittersweet'

Sherri Shepherd has had a breast reduction credit:Bang Showbiz
Sherri Shepherd has had a breast reduction credit:Bang Showbiz

Sherri Shepherd misses her "old girls" after having a breast reduction.

The 56-year-old star went under the knife in the summer to have her 42DD assets made smaller because she was in a lot of pain because of their weight, and though she feels better now, she admitted the procedure was "bittersweet".

Speaking on the season 2 premiere of her eponymous talk show, she said: "In season 2, everything is going to be bigger, except these boobs...

"I loved my old girls. My best friends, I call them. They have been with me through thick and thin. This was a relationship with the boobs."

But Sherri doesn't regret having the operation because she had been in constant pain, and she's delighted with how her boobs look now.

She said: "It was so heavy. I was slouching all the time. It started to become really, really painful. My back was hurting very badly.

"I feel better. I'm not going to say I wish I'd done this a while ago because timing is everything.

"I can sit up straight. I feel lighter. It's easier to shop… I get up every day and I send pictures of my boobs to everybody."

The former '30 Rock' actress joked the operation had had an unexpected benefit, as well as hopefully putting an end to people telling her she is "too top heavy".

She quipped: "To be clear, I did not get this boob job because of all of the comments I got.

"I got a boob job because I just wanted to see what it would feel like to sleep on my stomach."

Sherri revealed in April she planned to have a breast reduction.

Asked her summer plans, she told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think I'm getting my boobies done. I think I'm getting a little reduction because my back is starting to hurt, so that's a big one."