Shawn Mendes reveals why he shaved his head

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Shawn Mendes has finally dished on his decision to shave his head.

Last month, the Canadian star stunned fans when he ditched his signature curls and stepped out with a buzzcut.

During an interview for The Wall Street Journal published on Monday, Shawn explained why he opted to switch up his look.

"I think everyone should know what they look like with a shaved head," he noted. "I also was just feeling this urge to just shake myself up a little bit."

Shawn was recently unveiled as the face of David Yurman's spring 2023 campaign.

And while he admitted that his day-to-day wardrobe remains pretty simple, he does enjoy experimenting with new jewellery.

"I think my friends would probably say that they see me wearing the same sweater every day, which is true when I wear it to the coffee shop. But it's pretty chill. I like to have a tank top on with a cardigan and some jeans and that's pretty much my go-to," the 24-year-old continued. "Don't feel the need to be wearing tons of rings or tons of necklaces or bracelets or whatever. Just put on what you feel good at your pace and you'll start to build your own aesthetic, which can be a really fun process."