Shawn Mendes On How He And Camila Cabello Have ‘The Worst Little Arguments’ But Overcome Them

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Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images
Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images

Shawn Mendes gave a very candid interview to SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up about how he and his girlfriend of two years, Camila Cabello, do argue—and how they don't let their fights destroy their relationship.

'We definitely fight, and we get in like the worst little arguments, but like, I think that we definitely are pretty good at picking up on when it's just ego talking,' Mendes said. 'And we usually like, call each other out. It's we have a really honest and open relationship, but, but yeah, no, we definitely fight. I think like, especially like, I think the longer the relationship goes, it's like the easier it seems to be to fight. So, yeah, it's definitely not that holding hands all the time, but we're really good with each other. It never gets bad. It's always like a little fight.'

Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images
Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images

Sirius XM's Stanley T asked, 'When you find yourself in an argument with her and then you realise in the argument you're wrong. How do you handle that? Do you just come out and say, "you know what, I've been thinking about it. I'm sorry?”'

'Yeah,' Mendes replied. 'All of it, it takes all my might in the entire world, but I have to admit that I'm wrong, but it takes everything. My face probably looks like tight and red, but I say I'm wrong. Hopefully. I mean, maybe she would say something else. I'm sure. Sometimes I don't say I'm wrong.'

Mendes spoke before about how an argument with Cabello made him realise his worst fear about himself during an interview on the Man Enough podcast in June 2021.

'I raised my voice at her and she was like, "I don't like it when you raise your voice. Why did you raise your voice?" And I got so defensive,' he recalled. 'I was like, "I wasn't raising my voice at you!" And I did raise my voice at her. And I felt her shrink and I felt me grow and I was like, "Oh god, this is the worst." I'm so terrified of being evil. I'm so scared to be bad.'

When Mendes was asked whether he corrected his behaviour or if Cabello just comforted him, he responded, 'I made it about my evil and my fear, and she comforted me. And then it took me like 20 minutes of us separately reading our books to be able to come back to her and be like, "God, that was a whole thing and I'm really sorry."'

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