Sharon Osbourne says she doesn't believe overweight women are happy while praising Adele’s weight loss

Ellie Harrison
Sharon Osbourne and Adele: Getty/Adele Instagram

Sharon Osbourne has said she does not believe overweight women who say they are "really happy in their bodies”.

Speaking on her show The Talk on Tuesday (12 May), Osbourne said: “When these women say that they are really happy in their bodies, I don’t believe them. My body was really, really big. But I wasn’t happy. Sure on the surface, but at night in bed alone I was very unhappy.”

Osbourne went on to congratulate Adele on her weight loss, which was controversially celebrated earlier this month after the singer posted on Instagram.

“I totally understand with Adele," said Osbourne. "It was her time to lose weight, that’s all in her journey and her life.

“She must have felt, ‘You know what, I am going to try and lose weight,’ for whatever reason – health, I am sure.

“She looks absolutely fantastic. I am happy for her and everybody should be happy for her, because it was her choice. She didn’t do it for anybody else but herself. And so everybody should be happy for her.”

Last month, Osbourne claimed Simon Cowell, who she has publicly feuded with for years, has “very dated” views because he “doesn’t like people who are overweight”.

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