Sharon Osbourne Just Told the Stripper Story to End All Stripper Stories

Even though The Hangover is just a movie, sometimes things can get a little out of hand at bachelor and bachelorette parties.

X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne recently told the Sun an X-rated story about throwing a party for her niece. Osbourne hired a male stripper for her niece’s hen party to liven things up, but things quickly went south (literally) when the stripper got out of hand.

She said, “And he was doing his thing, and he stripped off totally naked. She sat at [the] table and he went behind her and put his penis on top of her head — she had long hair, and he got her hair and he was wrapping it around his penis.”

“Then he stopped that and stood right at the side of her and he said, ‘Can you tell me what time it is?’ But he had wrapped his penis around his wrist,” she added.

The former reality star recalled that her niece started to sob and shake, and Osbourne had to take her outside to calm her down.

While she didn’t reveal the name of her niece, Osbourne felt bad and expressed her regret over the incident, saying: “She is a nice girl — not like me. I felt terrible I ruined her whole party.”

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