Sharon Osbourne: 'America blacklisted me'

Sharon Osbourne has said she was forced to return to the UK after being "blacklisted" in America.The 70-year-old TV presenter was fired from US chat show The Talk on CBS in March 2021 after she defended friend Piers Morgan for his comments about Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey.Osbourne told This Morning: "I can't get arrested in America. It went wrong, it went very, very wrong. They say there is no blacklisting in America, well I'm living proof that there is."

Video transcript

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: One of the reasons for coming back, it'll work out perfectly for you, is "The Talk." I mean, you're back on-- back on Talk TV.

SHARON OSBOURNE: I am. I can't get arrested in America.

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: Well, you nearly got arrested in America. I mean--


I mean it did-- it went a bit-- it went a bit wrong.

SHARON OSBOURNE: It went very wrong. Very, very wrong. And I mean, you know, they say that there's no blacklisting in America. Well, I'm living proof that there is. And not that I'm like resentful or whatever, whatever. Just a fact of life. It happens, doesn't it?

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: So did you actually get canceled, do you think? Pretty close.

SHARON OSBOURNE: Oh no, I mean, I couldn't-- I couldn't-- like I say, I can't get arrested.



PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: And you-- you've defended yourself enormously.


PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: You got death threats, which were horrible.


PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: And almost sort of coming back here is like saying, right, OK, you know, let's start again and you find out the person that I really am.

SHARON OSBOURNE: It's-- the thing is it's like I can-- I can look at myself in the mirror. And I know I over-talk and I know I can be a bit-- oh, she's overbearing again. Here she is. So I know all of that about myself. But I've never spoken with hate. I say what I feel. I'm confrontational, but I don't do any hate speech. And I know who--