Sharina Gutierrez Will Grace the Pages of the SI Swimsuit 60th Anniversary Issue

Sharina Gutierrez.<p>Ben Watts/Sports Illustrated</p>
Sharina Gutierrez.

Ben Watts/Sports Illustrated

For model Sharina Gutierrez, a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit feature has been a long time coming. She has been dreaming of the gig ever since she became a model.

This year, her dream is coming to fruition. The 33-year-old will take the pages of the 60th anniversary issue in a series of stunning photos from her photoshoot in Porto and the North, Portugal.

Gutierrez earned her spot on the pages through the 2023 SI Swim Search, the brand’s annual open-casting call. Getting through the first round after submitting her name for consideration was, for her, a confirmation that she was in the right place and pursuing the right dream.

According to the mother of three, the announcement was an assurance that “you are doing what you’re supposed to do, and you’re listening to that voice that’s like guiding you and leading you, and you’re listening to your intuition. You should never doubt that. That, to me, was the greatest moment in my career—understanding that I was actually doing something for myself.”

For years, a feature in the annual magazine has been the “north star” in her career, she admitted on set in Portugal. Through all of the doubt and the discouragement from those around her—those who told her she couldn’t make it to this very place—she persevered.

“I could have listened to everybody else, and I wouldn’t be where I am today,” she remarked. “I got here because God, the universe and listening to my heart and my faith in myself.”

We, too, are just as ecstatic that the Mama Mantra founder chose to follow her intuition and pursue her dream. With her story, she hopes to inspire others to quiet the outside noise and “feel so empowered ... to take a chance on them[selves].”

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