Share your old-fashioned tips for heating your home while saving money

Energy Crisis
Energy Crisis

It seems these days you can barely move for energy and heat-saving tips as winter draws ever nearer and the nights get ever colder.

With the typical household bill now capped at £2,500 a year, it has never been more prudent to stay warm without wasting money on central heating – which costs more than double what it did last year.

But our readers are made of strong stuff. They survived the coldest winter on record in 1982 when average temperatures dropped to -0.3C. They survived the blackouts caused by the miners’ strike and the oil crisis in 1973.

The Telegraph's postbag is already heaving with energy-saving tips from readers and businesses alike. Some of them are useful, others are on par with a former minister suggesting putting foil behind your radiator will be the silver bullet to the cost of living crisis. But we want to hear more.

From leaving the oven open after you finished cooking to making your own draft excluders, use the form below to let us know your old-fashioned strategies for staying warm. Please leave your name as your submission could be used in this Saturday's Telegraph Money supplement.