Shaq brings catfish to TNT postgame show in true Titans O-Line spirit, chaos ensues

Shaquille O’Neal had a lot of fun with a catfish on TNT’s postgame coverage Monday night. (Twitter/@NBAonTNT)

Members of the Tennessee Titans went all out supporting the Nashville Predators in their second-round playoff series on Sunday, and were seen chugging beers out of catfish at Bridgestone Arena.

Naturally, the NBA crew at TNT thought this was hilarious and that they needed duplicate it.

Their version, though, was far less successful — and far more chaotic — than the Titans’ version.

During their postgame show after the Celtics’ 117-101 win over the 76ers on Monday night, Shaquille O’Neal climbed out of a “river” on their set having “found” a catfish.

“Look what I found, Chuck!” Shaq repeatedly yelled, while throwing the fish at Charles Barkley — who immediately took off and left the studio.

Once Barkley had fled the scene, Shaq turned his attention to the four Predators fans they had brought on for the end of the show — who were, of course, drinking Bud Light. He grabbed a beer from one of the fans, poured it in the catfish’s mouth and tried to get them to drink it from the fish.

They all immediately refused.

Shaq tried briefly to get Kenny Smith to drink the beer from the fish, or maybe just throw the fish at him, but Smith wasn’t having it either. Ernie Johnson then wrapped up the postgame show because, well, the guys were clearly done analyzing the playoff game.

Just watch the whole scene unfold:

The best part was probably when Barkley completely dodged the catfish and took off right out of the studio. After seeing the replay of it, and laughing at how fast Barkley had actually moved to avoid the fish and make for the studio door, Smith may have given the best analysis of the night when he said, “Hey you look like George Bush when he had that shoe thrown at him!”

Regardless, Monday night’s debacle on TV was much more entertaining than listening to Shaq incorrectly explain how to save money while filling your car up with gas like he did the other night.

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