Shannon Sharpe Has Strong Opinion on Nearly Unprecedented Influence of Taylor Swift on NFL

Shannon Sharpe and Taylor Swift.<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty Images and Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images</p>
Shannon Sharpe and Taylor Swift.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images and Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Podcast cohosts Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson discussed the hottest topic in the NFL on their latest episode of Nightcap. The retired NFL players dissected how impactful Taylor Swift and her attendance at games has been for the league and its viewership

“It’s crazy, what she’s been able to do for the NFL from a different perspective of those that don’t even watch [the game],” Johnson said. “The attention that she brings, the eyes that she brings, it’s [incredible].”

Sharpe chimed in with some statistics from Apex Marketing Group, revealing that the 12-time Grammy Award-winning artist has generated an equivalent brand value of $331.5 million for the Kansas City Chiefs—the team for which boyfriend Travis Kelce plays tight end—and the NFL.

“That figure includes print, digital radio, TV, highlights, social media, going back to Taylor Swift’s first game in September,” he continued. “Tell me [any] other person that’s [capable of doing] that.”

Johnson suggested Beyoncé as a comparable celebrity, who could have a similar effect on the sport.

“Not like this ... these 8- to 15-year-old eyeballs,” Sharpe noted of the 34-year-old singer’s audience. “ Ocho, I love Beyoncé, [but] Beyoncé ain’t moving the needle like this chick. She’s the closest thing to moving the needle like Michael Jackson that we’ve seen.”

“Beyoncé moves the needle just like Taylor, if not more” Johnson rebutted. “Beyonce has those same set of eyes young, middle aged and old.”

Fans were able to see both sides of the argument, but a majority agreed with Sharpe.

“​If Bey was dating a football player she would most definitely bring the numbers,” one person commented.

“anybody disagreeing doesn’t realize how famous Taylor really is lol,” another wrote.

“Taylor beat Beyoncé in theaters this year. Box offices revenue for Taylor was unmatched!!! Taylor is in another stratosphere,” someone else chimed.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.<p>Patrick Smith/Getty Images</p>
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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