Shania Twain releases her version of Harry Styles' Falling

Shania Twain recently said she hopes the pair work together in the future credit:Bang Showbiz
Shania Twain recently said she hopes the pair work together in the future credit:Bang Showbiz

Shania Twain has released her brooding cover of Harry Styles' 'Falling'.

The country pop legend became good pals with the 'As It Was' hitmaker and they performed her hits 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman!' and 'You're Still the One' at Coachella last year, where Harry revealed he grew up listening to her music.

And now, the 57-year-old singer has shared her cover of the track from Harry's 2019 LP 'Fine Line' to Spotify, as part of the streaming giant's Spotify Sings sessions, and she admitted she can "hear my pain in it".

In a statement, she said: “I just fell in love with ‘Falling’. I love Harry Styles anyway and his version of the song really moved me and I wanted to try it on. It came out more emotional than I thought it would and I was very pleased – I can kind of hear my pain in it.”

Harry, 29, had said at Coachella before Shania joined him on stage: "In the car, with my mother as a child, this lady taught me to sing. She also told me that men are trash. To you, for the memories you gave me with my mother, I will be forever grateful."

Shania recently admitted performing at Coachella with Harry was "one of the highlights" of her career.

The 'I'm Gonna Getcha Good!' singer told how she first met the 'Music for a Sushi Restaurant' singer backstage at one of his concerts and she quickly became friends with the "sweet" star.

She told "He was just really on his way up when I first met him."

Shania admitted she finds it "very rewarding" to have fans of Harry's generation.

She said: "He's one of these kids that's part of the generation that 25, 30 years ago were four, five, six, years old in the audience.

"Now it's this full-circle moment where they are old enough now to speak for themselves and they can come and see me without the parents and express their admiration for my music and to thank me for the inspiration.

"It's very rewarding for me to still be doing this and to hear their gratitude in person."

The 'From This Moment On' singer - who released her album 'Queen of Me' last month - recently teased that she is planning to work with Harry again in the future.

Asked about the possibility, she said: "Well, not on this album, but in the future, I would say, 'Yes'. I'm going to hold Harry to that."