Shania Twain recalls dinner with Oprah Winfrey that turned 'sour'

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Shania Twain has recalled how a dinner with Oprah Winfrey turned "sour" amid a conversation about religion.

In the latest episode of the Table Manners with Jessie & Lennie Ware podcast, the Canadian singer-songwriter was asked to discuss one of the most memorable meals she has ever had.

"I think one of my most memorable dinners was with Oprah Winfrey. She's such a smart lady," she began. "It was great to just sit and have real talks, but as soon as we started talking about religion, it all went sour. So, I said, 'Let's stop talking about religion!' She is quite religious."

It's unclear when the dinner took place, though Shania indicated it was in the '90s.

"Everyone always says, 'Never talk about politics or religion.' It just wasn't debatable. There was no room for debate, and I like to debate," the 57-year-old continued. "Canadians like to debate everything. So, I'm like, 'Oh, OK. It's time to change the subject.'"

As for her views, Shania shared that she is more "spiritual" than religious.

"I'm not religious in the sense that I'm dedicated to a religion. I'm much more of a spiritual person... I would say I'm a seeker," she mused.