Sexless' Miracle Kitten Is Neither Male Or Female

Vets in the U.K. have been left stunned after discovering a cat born neither a boy or a girl. Tabby-and-white cat Hope was originally thought to be a female cat when they were admitted into Cats Protection’s care but on closer inspection it was discovered they had no external sex organs at all - neither externally nor internally. Cats Protection’s Senior Field Veterinary Officer Fiona Brockbank said: “We carried out a procedure to look for sex organs but there’s nothing apparent inside or out. “This is so rare that there isn’t really a commonly used term for this condition. This is not something we’ve come across before at Cats Protection” . At 15 weeks old, Hope’s other bodily functions are working well and they are very much a playful kitten who has endeared themselves to staff at the charity’s Tyneside Adoption Centre. In fact, one member of staff at the Tyneside Adoption Centre fell so much in love with the unusual kitten they have taken them into their own home - renaming them Beans.