Sexbomb Sir Tom Jones left stunned when Vicky Pattison flirted with him

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Sir Tom Jones got more than he bargained for when he met Vicky Pattison credit:Bang Showbiz
Sir Tom Jones got more than he bargained for when he met Vicky Pattison credit:Bang Showbiz

Sir Tom Jones was left stunned after reality star Vicky Pattison made a drunken pass at him.

The 82-year-old silver fox - who is used to having women throw their nickers on stage at him - got more than he bargained for when he met the former 'Geordie Shore' star, 34, at the final of 'The Voice'.

Speaking on her 'The Secret To...' podcast, Vicky spilled: “I met him [Tom] once.

“Olly Murs was doing 'The Voice' with him and I went with my pal for the final and I low-key fancy Tom Jones – it’s not even low-key like, I f****** love him. I was chatting to him and I had a couple of drinks and I just went, ‘I’d let you wear me like a hat mate’.

“He didn’t know what to do with himself. Considering he’s such a ladykiller as well. I think it was me accent that was putting him off.

“He looked at Olly and went, ‘What did she say?’ and Olly was like, ‘You don’t want to know’.”

The 'Sexbomb' hitmaker still has legions of women throwing themselves at him but previously admitted it's "mostly the grandmothers" who have the hots for him these days.

Speaking in 2019, he said: "It's mostly the grandmothers who fancy me. Some have got my name written across their chest."

Meanwhile, the 'Not Unusual' hitmaker recently admitted he has accepted he'll never love again.

The pop legend lost his wife Linda to cancer in 2016, and Tom insists she's the one true love of his life.

He explained: "I’m on my own now, more or less. No, I’ll never love again, there was one love of my life, that was Linda.

"I have friends and stuff. I’m glad we had our lives together but I wish she was here now, we would be old together.

"When you get older you’re not clubbing like you used to be. I’m a lot calmer now, it’s a part of my life now that I’m enjoying, knowing I’ve done a lot of stuff in the past, like drinking, a lot of shows, a lot of high-energy stuff, now I can calm down now I’m older and take my time with stuff.

"I can’t wait to get back on the road but not two shows a night anymore."

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