Seven New Inventions That Will Make Your Life Better Right Now

The inventions you need in your life for a better, healthier and calmer 2015

Technology has made the world busier than ever. But as well as driving us up the wall with the constant need to be switched on, there are a few techie innovations to help you find calm in a frantic world.

Here are our favourite techie innovations to make life easier, healthier and more fun:

Stop stressing out with these lifesavers... (REX)
Stop stressing out with these lifesavers... (REX)

1.  P4 Virtual Trainer

P4 Virtual Trainer
P4 Virtual Trainer

This year is the year of the virtual trainer. We've had calorie counting apps and fitness tracking apps, but P4 Virtual trainer does it all in one go - and under the guidance of experts, for a fraction of the price of a real life PT.

You can report in what you eat and what exercises you do and have qualified nutritionists and trianers OK your choices. Plus if you have any questions you can post them to be responded to by one of the experts. Diet plans are also available.

Most usefully we found though, were the planned workouts for each week. Just tap the day and your approved workout will come up. Then you can just press play and follow it. This is dictated by the time you suggest you have available each week and you can move them around if the days don't quite work for you.

The workouts incorporate sets and rest periods so you don't have to do any thinking, just do what your virtual PT tells you.

2. Vitl One Vitamins Box


If you forget to take your daily multivit, or feel like you need a nutrition boost, Vitl One might be your answer. It will deliver you a beautifully packaged box of vitamin supplements, which come labelled with the day of the week in individual blister packs.

It includes a month's supply of:

Multivitamin – a blend of essential vitamins and minerals, which contribute to your general health and wellbeing, a supergreens tablet – a unique blend of natural antioxidants offering a rich concentration of nutrients, CoQ10 – this co-enzyme is needed by the body’s cells and plays an important role in energy metabolism, and Krill Oil – this omega-3 is absorbed better by the body than fish oil and is free from contaminants.

Get it delivered to work and if it's on your desk you won't forget to take them. Though if you still do, there's an app for that!

3. Landry Apps


Though they're not currently available everwhere, an app that lets you order your dirty washing to be collected and a lovely clean, folded bag of your clothes to arrive 24 hours later has got to be the future, right?

The plan for most of them is for people to sign up, wherever they live, and once the area gets to around 50 sign ups, the laundry people move in - removing the boring rigmarole of sorting, washing, drying and folding your clothes.

Yes it's one of those money vs time situations - and you can expect to pay £15 for a small bag. But for those of us who hate washing night, this is worth it.

Current options include Spyn and Laudrapp.

4. Borrow My Doggy

Borrow My Doggy
Borrow My Doggy

If your landlord/partner/parents just won't agree to let you have a pooch, this is the next best thing. Sign up to Borrow My Doggy to enjoy the fun of someone else's pet, without the pressure of vet bills and never being able to go on holiday.

We tried it out and it was brilliant. Once you've earned the owner's trust, you might even be allowed to look after their furry friend when they're on hols, allowing you entired days where you can pretend you're the happy dog-ownder you've always dreamed of.

Alternatively you could try getting paid for your pet-loving ways and pimp yourself out as a dog-sitter.

5. Last Minute Tables


Need a restaurant and need it now? Uncover app aims to link up hungry people with free tables all over London, including hard-to-get cancellation spots at top restaurants.

Including the likes of Gymkhana, Yauatcha, Tramshed, Lyle’s, Merchants Tavern and Kitchen Table, the list of restaurants has been put together by painstakingly going through both diner and critic reviews from the past five years.

And each restaurant included has been personally road-tested by the team too, to ensure quality in food and service which should guarantee happy champers.

6. Pure Package With DNA Fit

Pure Package
Pure Package

There's no shortage of diet plans delivered to your door, but Pure Package has managed to find itself a new angle in the market, by linking up with DNA-testing service DNA-Fit that looks at your genes to discover what you should be eating.

How? Because science. A tab of your saliva sent off to the lab can show what genes you carry in relation to how your body processes food and how well different types of exercise affect you. For example, it can see if you're more likely to gain weight from a high fat diet or a high carb diet; and whether you're a short-burst type of exerciser, or if your body responds better to long and slow workouts.

And once the results are in, Pure Package puts together a diet plan arranged around your individual diet and exercise needs - taking all the thought out of eating and letting you just get on with enjoying it.

7. Order Drinks Direct To Your Pub Corner


Is there anything worse than missing out half an hour of gossip and catching up with your mates because you were stuck in the queue getting routinely ignored by the barman?

Well now there's an app for that. Orderella lets yousend your order directly from your phone to the bar, so that grumpy barman will have to get your drinks made up and sent over sharpish.

It's available at over 150 venues in the UK and growing so soon the bar queue might be a thing of the past...

But let's hope that's the only thing you're looking at on your phone when you're socialising with friends.

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