Seth Rogen rejects Emma Watson storm out rumour

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Seth Rogen has shut down a rumour that Emma Watson stormed off the set of his directorial debut This Is The End.

Taking to Twitter on Monday evening, Rogen said reports of the incident, which hit headlines after comments he’d made in a recent chat with GQ, were not accurate at all.

When asked during the interview whether the rumour that Watson had "stormed off" the set of the 2013 comedy was true, Rogen responded that although Watson had exited the scene, he had no hard feelings toward her, leaving fans to conclude that Watson had indeed had a meltdown.

Rogen has now refuted that Watson flounced out at all.

"I want to correct a story that has emerged from a recent interview I gave," he wrote to his followers.

"It misrepresents what actually happened. Emma Watson did not 'storm off the set' and it's s***ty that the perception is that she did," he went on.

According to Deadline, the scene in question involved a joke about a cannibal, played by Danny McBride, and co-star Channing Tatum as a leashed gimp in a leather mask.

"The scene was not what was originally scripted, it was getting improvised, changed drastically, and was not what (Watson) agreed to," Rogen explained, adding that he and Watson agreed at the time she didn't need to complete the bit.

"The narrative that she was in some way uncool or unprofessional is complete bulls**t," he fumed, before blaming himself for Watson's discomfort.

"I for sure should have communicated better and because I didn't, she was put in an uncomfortable situation," he shared, clarifying: "it was overall a s***ty situation and it must have been hard for her to say something and I'm very happy and impressed that she did."

Rogen concluded the note by mentioning that he was thrilled by the opportunity to work with Watson, and would happily do so again.