For a Serious Post-Gym Pump, All You Need is 10 Mins and an Empty Bar

Sure, lung-searing cardio finishers are all well and good – but if you’ve already ticked that box in your main session, try this on for serious size.

Grab an Olympic bar and set a 10-min timer. Aim for as many rounds as possible, pumping your biceps, back, triceps and shoulders while burning calories, too. Complete each circuit with good form; only let go when your grip falters and get back to it as soon as you can. The easier movements have higher rep counts, keeping you at the edge of your comfort zone.

01/ Curls Are Not a Crime

Kick off with 10 reps of the swoley grail of mirror-muscle moves: the biceps curl. Hold the bar at your waist, palms facing forwards and hands slightly closer than shoulder width. Hinge at the hips and lean forwards slightly, letting the bar hang freely in front of your body to eliminate any cheating. Curl the bar up to just below your chin and squeeze your biceps hard at the top before lowering slowly.

02/ Row to Grow

Switch your grip, hinge at the hips and let the bar hang. Elbows close to your body, draw the bar to your stomach; squeeze your shoulder blades, pause and return to the start. This is your strongest movement, so hit 20 reps. Your forearms will burn by the end, but move into those triceps extensions without dropping the bar.

03 For Big Arms, Tri Harder

Triceps make up the bulk of your arms’ muscle mass, so this is where you’ll really see a difference. Do 10 reps here. Press the bar directly overhead, then, keeping your upper arms locked in place, bend at the elbows and slowly lower the bar towards the back of your neck. Explosively extend your arms back to lock them out above your head. Lower it behind you again. You should feel the strain with this one fairly quickly.

04/ High Reps, Broad Shoulders

With your triceps fried, your delts will have to pull a double shift to nail this shoulder-builder. Lower your bar to the top of your chest, rearrange your grip to just outside shoulder width, then explosively press the bar overhead. Lower with control. Keep pushing for 20 reps. All done? Move straight into curls for another round without dropping the bar. Rep out for the full 10 mins, resting only when you can’t grip the bar any longer.

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