Serena Williams's Most Comfortable Fashion Week Outfit Was a Hot Pink Suit

Photo credit: Madison Voelkel/
Photo credit: Madison Voelkel/

Serena Williams has five minutes to talk to me on the phone before she needs to get on a plane. Just hours before, she was sitting front row during the Michael Kors show after making an appearance on Good Morning America. It’s been a busy day on top of a busy week on top of a busy month of oh, you know, retiring from tennis, and yet Williams hasn’t even slowed down.

As for how her New York Fashion week went, Williams told me, "It was definitely really busy. This year will always be special because this is the year I announced I was not going to be playing tennis—there were so many beautiful shows too, of course."

On the day of the Michael Kors show, Williams was up at six in the morning to film GMA, but what kept her going was thinking about the outfit she would be putting on to sit front row. “I just really wanted to pick out the perfect outfit. I was thinking Michael Kors is going to be really classy. He has really striking silhouettes, and so I wanted to make sure that I had on a similar look to get ready for the show.” Normally it takes her “two minutes” to get ready, but fashion week has her spending at least an hour and a half in hair and makeup.

Williams’s look was a hot pink suit worn with an embellished pink top and strappy silver heels. She was drawn to it because of the color, “I really liked it because pink is my favorite color. I also love the fabric. It was heavy fabric so it had structure to it but it had a little give. Sometimes when you have fabric that gives like that with no structure, it just doesn't work. This one worked from head to toe."

Photo credit: Madison Voelkel/
Photo credit: Madison Voelkel/

While most show goers prioritize getting photographed outside, Williams cares more about feeling good while attending the actual show. “Being comfortable is very important, but not high on anyone's list [during fashion week]. Michael Kors was one of the few shows that I went to where I was actually comfortable.” She said the look was the most comfortable one she wore all week, and she further kept things simple by forgoing a purse altogether. “I just carried my phone to take pictures to post.”

She made sure to photograph one specific dress at the show that reminded her of the very first Michael Kors piece she fell in love with. “I love that color that he uses, it is a tan gold. It almost shimmers, and I know I had a piece like that, which was always my favorite. When I saw it coming down the runway, that similar color, I was reminded of these memories of my dress like that. It’s such a strong core evergreen fabric that is so blingy, and so shiny, but yet at the same time he puts it in these really amazing classic silhouettes.”

Her favorite runway look though was Bella Hadid’s. “I loved her final black dress with the drop center. I thought that was really so stunning. Honestly, every piece was just stunning!" She was also a fan of the show's casting: "I loved how they had incorporated models that were more curvy. I thought that was really nice. I always like seeing curvy models on the runway."

The show was the last of a seriously packed schedule, and she just has one tip for anyone looking to survive fashion week in one piece. “Just be confident. You know when you step out of that car there’s gonna be cameras, so just have a smile and be confident.” And that’s why she’s the GOAT—of tennis and now, NYFW.

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