Serena Williams rocks 90s bedazzled hair that sparkles every time she moves

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Whether you're an ultimate tennis fan or tune in once a year for Wimbledon, there's no denying that Serena Williams' recent retirement announcement – or as she calls it "evolution" – hit close to home for many. She is the GOAT, after all.

However, before throwing in the towel (quite literally), she's taking part in her final few games at The 2022 US Open tournament. And to make this as special and memorable as can be, she's gone all out in the beauty and fashion departments. Who knew tennis could be so... glam?

Yesterday, taking to the court to play (and win) against Danka Kovinić, Serena wore a custom outfit and even shared the deets behind the look in her recent Instagram post. The star writes: "...My custom NikeCourt Flare 2s are just brilliant 💎 With diamond-encrusted swooshes and @serenawilliamsjewelry deubrés on the laces that read “mama” and “queen”. Paired with an embellished bodice and tutu skirt inspired by the night sky above center court in Flushing, NY".

As much as we love the 'fit, what's more impressive (in our eyes) is her incredible gemstoned hair. All credit goes to Serena's hairstylist Nikki Nelms who slicked the pro's natural curls into a simple, sleek ponytail. To keep on top of the glam theme but without causing any distractions, Nikki finished off the look by adding tiny rhinestones into her hair.

Shining like the star she is.

Believe it or not, this 90s-inspired look is one that was also trending on TikTok not so long ago. So, if you, too, want to make like Serena, then why not get your hands on the trusty device that was *most probably* used.

We're rooting for you (and your incredible hair looks), Serena.

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