Selling Tampa fans are losing it after finding out this cast member is a grandmother

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

We're deep in the throes of Selling Tampa obsession right now and it looks like we're really not the only ones. Fans of the Netflix show are losing it over on Twitter after finding out that cast member Juawana Colbert is actually a grandmother. Skincare routine asap, please.

If you've not already binged it (what have you been doing?!) the spin-off follows the same premise as Selling Sunset, but this time it's focussing on an all-Black, all female firm named Allure Realty based in Florida, and it's quickly become a huge hit with fans.

Allure Realty manager Juawana Colbert is a bit of a favourite with Selling Tampa fans, and now they've discovered that not only is she mother to a 22-year-old son, but she's also a grandmother, despite looking not a day over 25 herself.

In reality the real estate agent is 41-years-old, something which is confusing fans quite a lot. After briefly mentioning her grandma status in a recent episode of Selling Tampa, fans filled Twitter with pure confusion and even more love for the star.

We would like (need) to see a skincare routine, STAT. Thank you.

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