Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald on who she no longer speaks to from the cast

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Photo credit: Courtesy Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy Netflix

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Selling Sunset season 3 only dropped on Netflix in August, but a lot has happened since then. As well as Brett Oppenheim setting up his own brokerage and multiple agents leaving The Oppenheim Group, show star Mary Fitzgerald has also revealed some of the cast members sadly hardly speak any longer.

Netflix is still yet to officially commission a third season and we still don't know who will be returning if they do, but it's clear there'll still be some tension between Mary and Christine Quinn if they do both come back for a fourth season.

Opening up about who she's kept in touch with, Mary shared, "Unfortunately, Maya I haven't really spoken to her, not for any reason, we don't have any beef or anything we just don't really talk, she's in Miami, I'm here. And then Davina, don't really talk to her."

Photo credit: Courtesy Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy Netflix

She added to Belfast Live, "Christine and I didn't really talk for a couple of months, we have since talked."

Mary said they ended up speaking again after bonding over an article that was published online. "So we spoke and things are better, we still don't talk nearly as much as we used to but it was a good moment for the hostility to be taken down and when we do see each other we will be able to interact in a much more cordial way."

Photo credit: Courtesy Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy Netflix

The Oppenheim agent said their fall out was really "emotional for me and it still is" and producers regularly had to check in on her, but she's glad they're trying to work things out.

Hopefully the pair patch things up soon.

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