Selling Sunset's Chelsea just spoke out about her tension with Davina

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Photo credit: MITCHELL HAASETH/NETFLIX - Getty Images
Photo credit: MITCHELL HAASETH/NETFLIX - Getty Images

If, like us, you binged the entire fifth season of Selling Sunset before you could say "penthouse" you probably spotted the awkward tension between series newcomer Chelsea Lazkani and Davina Potratz. Well, now Chelsea herself has spoken out about it all, and frankly, it doesn't look like this friction is going away any time soon.

Chelsea joined the case for season five, but her intro didn't exactly get off to the warmest of welcomes. But, I mean, isn’t the show already full of drama anyway?

Loads of Selling Sunset fans have already called out Davina over a conversation she shared with Vanessa Villela, with lots of them calling the whole thing a little shady. But now the time has come for Chelsea to give her side to all the drama in her tense situation with Davina.

In one scene, Chelsea and Davina tried to clear the air – though that ended with Davina dramatically storming off after she was called, urm, "overly sensitive". Chelsea told Entertainment Tonight that the pair of them are just different when it comes to their values.

She said: "I think ultimately the people closest to you probably share the same norms as you and our norms just very much differ. I'm very much a straight shooter and a straight-up person, and what you see is what you get. I think that maybe she's [Davina] a little bit more Switzerland, and that's totally OK, but you're going to have a hard time with someone like me, because I always want to know where I stand with you and what you think of me."

Despite the pair being complete opposites, Chelsea clarified that they're still "friendly," although she did follow that up by adding, "If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything."

Explaining her comment she said that she believes you can't fade into the background in this setting, "I could be wrong. I absolutely could be wrong, but that's just me as a strong, opinionated person, how I think if you don't voice your opinions."

The drama is just never-ending, isn't it?

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