Selling Sunset production 'paused as a safety precaution'

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Christine Quinn credit:Bang Showbiz
Christine Quinn credit:Bang Showbiz

'Selling Sunset' has reportedly suspended production after an unnamed member of the cast tested positive for COVID-19.

The Netflix series - which focuses on a real estate firm in Los Angeles - has proven to be a major TV hit since launching in 2019, but production work on the show has now been paused as a safety precaution.

A source told Us Weekly: "The entire cast and crew will be tested twice this week before resuming production."

A TV insider has told the publication that 'Selling Sunset' will now be shut down for 15 days, after the cast member tested positive for the virus.

The show was renewed for seasons four and five in March, but Netflix has not yet announced a premiere date for the new series.

Meanwhile, Christine Quinn - one of the stars of 'Selling Sunset' - previously admitted to being thrilled about her popularity among fans.

The blonde beauty feels "grateful" that so many people have been able to relate to her through the show.

She explained: "Confidence is something I was born with, but it’s also something I’ve grown to embody as life has thrown obstacles my way.

"Many people over the years told me ‘no’, so that gave me inner strength, which grew into this big personality that, I guess, people fell in love with. I’m grateful that people can relate to me."

Christine also thinks she's been a victim of sexism during her time on the show.

She said: "The flip side is that I’m familiar with being called a ‘b****’ and that’s such an unfortunate thing.

"I love the word ‘b****’, but it’s time to change the narrative because I’m tired. I’m tired of s***-shaming, of women being labelled b****y when they’re confident and can speak their minds.

"If I were a man, doing the exact same thing, people wouldn’t question it. When people call me a b**** I simply respond, ‘Thank you’."

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