Jason Oppenheim Was 'Cringing' At Marie-Lou And Chrishell's 'Awkward' Lunch Scene

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If you've been streaming Selling Sunset season 7, then you may be invested in the ongoing tension between Jason Oppenheim, Marie-Lou Nurk, and Chrishell Stause. Throughout this past season, Marie-Lou (a.k.a. Lou), has made multiple appearances at O Group events, and even got into it with Chrishell during a heated conversation over lunch.

At the time, it seemed like Marie-Lou felt threatened that there might be "feelings left" between Chrishell and Jason (who dated in 2021), which Chrishell dismissed. After the clip aired, Jason opened up to PEOPLE about the awkward experience. "Living through that was very difficult because I obviously care about them both a lot," Jason told the publication in November 2023. "When I watched this season, was also difficult. I really felt anxious. I got a lot of anxiety watching it, which is odd."

That now-infamous lunch scene was particularly difficult for Jason to watch. "I was cringing at a couple of scenes, including the luncheon because it was awkward and uncomfortable when it was actually happening in real life," he told The Daily Mail. "I didn't want to watch it! It reminded me how uncomfortable I was on the phone. I was just sitting there listening and I remember being uncomfortable in the moment."

However, it seems like all the Chrishell/Jason/Marie-Lou drama was for nought (except perhaps a juicy reunion convo?). Jason and Marie-Lou broke up in August 2023, per PEOPLE. Even though the 46-year-old real estate mogul and 26-year-old model were not meant to be, you might still have questions about Marie-Lou. Here's everything to know about her:

Marie-Lou grew up in Germany.

In a TikTok, the model shared that she's German and South African—and grew up in south Germany, per Vogue Germany. She also said that she's moved around quite a bit throughout her life—and estimated about 20 (!!) times.

She's lived in London, England; Paris, France; Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany; and Portugal. She was primarily splitting her time between Los Angeles and Paris during Selling Sunset. Will that change after the breakup? Only time will tell.

She's a model.

Marie-Lou is a model represented by Mega Model Agency. She also studied economics at university, and also works as a brand strategist for a German company, the Strichpunkt Design agency, per her LinkedIn profile.

Marie-Lou met Jason on vacation.

The couple met in July 2022 while they were each vacationing in Mykonos, Greece, according to PEOPLE. Marie-Lou said she met Jason at a beach club, per Vogue Germany, and the pair hit it off quickly. She even posted about Jason on her Instagram story by the end of the trip, which sparked tons of dating rumors, per PEOPLE.

"I mean, we're talking. I like her and maybe I'll see her soon," Jason told PEOPLE shortly after returning from Greece. This was around seven months after Jason and Chrishell Stause announced their split in December 2021.

marie lou nurk and jason oppenheim in front of mykonos sunset
Jason and Marie-Lou vacationing in Greece. Marie-Lou Nurk via Instagram

She's taller than Jason.

You might have noticed the height difference between Jason and Marie-Lou. According to her modeling portfolio, Marie-Lou is 5 feet 9 inches tall—about four inches taller than Jason.

A few sources, including women on Selling Sunset, note Jason as 5 feet 5 inches, while The Sun reports both Oppenheim twins as 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Jason and Marie-Lou shared a condo in L.A.

The German model lived in Los Angeles with Jason part-time while they were dating (no news on what her plan is now). But before the breakup, she opened up about being in a long distance relationship on social media.

"While it's not always easy, we both believe that our love is worth the effort," she wrote on Instagram via PEOPLE. "I'm grateful to have such a supportive partner who understands my goals and passions. At the end of the day, it's important to follow your heart and pursue your dreams, even if it means taking risks and facing challenges."

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The condo the couple shared is quite a fabulous 5,500-square-foot home, according to PEOPLE. It has three bedrooms, a private movie theater, and a wraparound terrace with a view of the hills. While the Oppenheim Group co-founder has obviously bought and sold many properties before, he's said this is his favorite purchase so far.

"We're living here, I think, for many years," Jason told PEOPLE. "I've lived in many nice places, but this is my favorite place by far."

And at a whopping $18 million, it was also reportedly the most expensive Los Angeles condo listed in 2022.

There were marriage rumors.

In May 2023, Marie-Lou and Jason sparked some marriage rumors with a joint Instagram post. The pair posted professionally-taken photos in what resembled wedding attire (a white dress and a black suit). Originally, the caption on the photos read "Here's to a lifetime of adventures," but it was subtly changed to "You always make me smile ✨🌴🫶."

Apparently, the couple didn't realize what their post seemed to indicate, and changed the caption to avoid confusion. "Lou and I quickly realized that our post on Instagram made it look like we had just been married," Jason said in a statement to PEOPLE. "We received numerous congratulatory texts, as well as angry texts from friends asking why they weren't invited, so quickly changed the caption! All these photos were from an event that we went to together a couple of months ago."

Jason almost bought property in Paris for Marie-Lou.

In 2022, the real estate influencer said he was considering getting property in Paris to be closer to his ex. "For the first time, I'm thinking about maybe getting something in Europe, mostly because my girlfriend lives in Paris and I love Paris," he told PEOPLE.

Jason announced their breakup on Instagram.

Jason storied a photo on Instagram in May 2023 of the two looking out at the sunset, captioned: "While we still love and care about each other very much, the distance between us has proven to be too great a challenge to overcome. We remain close friends and continue to talk often and support each other," he wrote. "And we want the very best for one another. We thank everyone for their support throughout our relationship."

jason oppenheim
Jason Oppenheim announces his breakup on Instagram.Instagram

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