Selling Sunset fans are sharing how they tell Jason and Brett Oppenheim apart

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Photo credit: Jc Olivera - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jc Olivera - Getty Images

Selling Sunset season 4 has arrived, and that means the return of everyone's favourite bosses: Jason and Brett Oppenheim.

Given the fact that we're, you know, four seasons in, you'd *think* we'd be able to tell the 44-year-old twins apart by now - but NGL, it's still pretty hard.

And it turns out we're not the only ones struggling, as Selling Sunset viewers have taken to the internet to share their tactics for telling the brothers apart, and it's exactly what we need. Keep this with you next time you're rewatching all the drama...

Thanks to a handy Reddit thread, fans have been busy talking each other through Jason and Brett's differences, from appearance to voice and personality.

One viewer wrote, "Jason has a pointier chin and more pronounced jawline, more heart shaped. Brett’s face is more square with [a] thicker jaw. His chin is square too. That’s how I instantly know. Their voices are different too. Brett’s is lower and more monotone, Jason is more animated."

Honestly, we appreciate the detail.

Others pointed out the height difference between the brothers. "I feel like every picture I see of them, Brett is taller" one wrote, with another adding that "Jason is smaller in general. He's shorter, and has a smaller head."

According to fans, there's also a difference in the twins' smiles. One shared, "Jason smiles and shows his upper and lower teeth. Brett only shows his upper teeth. That’s how I tell them apart."

Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images

Another agreed, adding, "Jason’s smile and teeth are bigger. Brett’s stubble is a bit darker. His voice is also more coarse than Jason’s."

Very thorough, thanks guys.

Aside from all the physical differences between the pair, viewers also shared some v handy hacks for keeping on top of who is who.

"Put it on closed captioning and look for the name in parenthesis. Lol," wrote one. Wishing we'd thought of this sooner TBH.

Others had more personality-based methods, with one writing, "Brett doesn’t talk. Jason does. 😂" and another jokingly adding, "Jason’s gazing at Chrishell, Brett’s gazing at commission".

Well, there you have it. We'll be keeping these tips handy ready for season 5.

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