Selling The OC fans are divided over this real estate agent

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

While we anticipate the new season of Selling Sunset, Netflix have finally dropped the Orange County spin-off, Selling The OC - and one of the agents is already causing controversy on social media.

If you watched the last season of SS, you'll know Brett and Jason Oppenheim took the opportunity to reveal they were opening offices in Orange County, California - which obviously got its own spin-off show.

In the first episode, viewers are introduced to a whole new team of real estate agents, alongside some incredible OC houses. Judging by social media, it's fair to say one of them is already causing carnage on social media.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Yep, fans are officially divided over Alex Hall, who *spoiler alert* accuses one of her colleagues of sleeping with a client, while also causing drama when someone at The O Group tries to kiss someone else.

Some fans are living for the chaos. As one person put it, "Started watching Selling The OC and Alex Hall is the drama. The next Christine [Quinn]? Probably." Someone else said, "I honestly love Alex Hall from Selling The OC. I live for drama."

Others were less convinced though. "Alex Hall from Selling The OC…bad vibes," one put, and another added, "Watching Selling The OC and Alex Hall is the actual villain."

As someone else hilariously summed up: "Finished watching Selling The OC and I can’t even pick a side. The whole cast is so shady and untrustworthy."

One thing is for sure: we know what we're watching this weekend.

Selling The OC is now streaming on Netflix.

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