Selena Gomez's 拢100 gold necklace is all we want for Christmas

Natasha Harding
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Photo credit: @selenagomez - Instagram
Photo credit: @selenagomez - Instagram

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Selena Gomez has really nailed 'at home' style. From her flawless loungewear collection and impressive 'running errands' wardrobe to her low-key beauty vibe, Selena is our all-round 2020 muse.

Earlier this month, you might recall the singer taking to Instagram Stories to debut a super cool curly side fringe. Yep, it was a total mood and dispelled the myth that curly-haired folk can't rock a fringe. But, hair aside, there was another chic detail that caught our attention: her jewellery. In the video, Sel wore a buttery yellow jumper with a pair of gold hoops and matching pendant necklace which, tbh, we haven't stopped thinking about since.

Now we know where the necklace is actually from and, yep, it's still in stock! To refresh your memory, here's the necklace in question:

Photo credit: @selenagomez - Instagram
Photo credit: @selenagomez - Instagram

According to Seventeen, the piece - available in both 18k gold and sterling silver - is by the brand Rellery and features two tags - one with a marigold flower and, the other, a letter of your choosing. While Selena seems to have removed the letter tag, if you're into more personalised touches, you might wanna keep it on:

Neat, huh?

The thing we love the most about this piece is how versatile it is, looking fab layered over a mock neck jumper (hello, fancy Zoom drinks) or with a festive V-neck dress (New Year outfit, sorted).

Sitting at the 拢100 mark, the price is a little spennier but, as we just discussed, the cost per wear is super low when you're wearing it with practically every outfit in your wardrobe. Riiiight? Right.

While your Christmas shopping list might've already been taken care of, we reckon this is the perfect 'congrats for making it through 2020' gift to yourself.

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