Selena Gomez looks like a different person with chunky braids and head-to-toe leather

Kate Pasola
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Photo credit: Tibrina Hobson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tibrina Hobson - Getty Images

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It's fair to say that Selena Gomez is quite the shapeshifter when it comes to hair - she's not afraid to try something new, whether she's opting for a curly fringe, an air-dried shag, 90s throwback hair or something else entirely.

But there's one look we haven't yet seen from the hair experimentalist: chunky braids.

Luckily, our gal came through yesterday, posting a series of pictures to her Instagram story, with glossy pony-plaits secured high on her head, extended down to her waist, and baby hairs groomed into cute curls on her forehead. You can see the picture below, doesn't she look badass?

She paired the look with a fierce leather outfit, and posed leaning on an old vintage car. Oh, and she seemingly repurposed car oil as body paint, too (don't try that at home, obv).

She followed up with another pic of her hair shaggy and pulled over her face, a Balenciaga jumper and, again, lots of car oil smeared on her legs(?).

But I think we are in agreement that she looks very cool, and it's amazing to see her experimenting and refusing to stick to one particular aesthetic. In fact, I'm even considering trading in my my lockdown comfies for a leather jumpsuit, and that's saying something...

Photo credit: Selena Gomez - Instagram
Photo credit: Selena Gomez - Instagram

Until then, I'll be here, watching from afar in my joggers and Glossier sweater...

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