Selena Gomez goes makeup-free in candid bare skin selfies, and it's so refreshing

Selena Gomez just blessed Instagram with what appears to be completely makeup-free selfies and she looks so. damn. good. With her glowing skin, light flush and relaxed expression, the fresh faced moment feels like a feed cleanse. Selena also gave a nod to her good friend Miley Cyrus in the caption, adding to the wholesomeness. She wrote; 'Violet Chemistry' ⁠— the name of Miley's recently released track.

While she does appear to be wearing lash extensions, we can't spot any makeup. And as much as we love seeing the beauty looks Selena cooks up with products from her brand Rare Beauty, we're obsessed with this stripped back natural look. And we aren't the only ones appreciating the candid bare skin snaps, as fans and followers filled the comments;

"That natural beauty 😍 skin is so good 🤌🏽"

"Literal natural beauty!!!!!"

"Rare beauty ❤️"- we see what they did there...

"I just love how real and vulnerable you are. The world needs role models like you. You are THE queen."

From the sports top she's wearing, we suspect it might be a post-gym selfie. We can't be the only ones low-key into our post workout sweaty selves? Maybe it's endorphin-fuelled confidence, maybe it's the perspiration glow, maybe it's the out of breath flush? Just me?

Whether it is, or Selena is just chilling in sportswear, that radiant bare skin is so refreshing 👏🏽.

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