Selection Of Finalists For Bird Photographer of the Year 2021

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A selection of the finalists of the prestigious Bird Photographer of the Year 2021 photo competition has been unveiled.

With species from around the world, the shortlist, which numbers 400 in total, offers a stunning look at birdlife across the planet.

Highlights range from a face-off between a white-tailed sea eagle and fox in Japan, to a nuthatch landing in a garden in Solihull, UK.

Winners are announced on 1st September 2021, and the next contest opens later that month.

This photo, Duckling and fly, was taken in Stromovka park in Prague, Czech Republic, by Zdeněk Jakl.

"I took the photo on a pond in a beautiful park in a quiet part of Prague City. A group of little ducks swam past me, and one of them began to chase a fly," Jakl says.